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Zareen Khan; Actress Gives a Treat to her fans with her hot looks in tight shirt and jeans

Zareen Khan net worth :$ 12 million

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Zareen Khan; the actress of the famed revenge Indian movie titled “Hate Story 3” dons out a her gorgeous and hot body in the tight white Shirt and her blue jeans.

Actress was spotted at the Muhrat of a new upcoming Indian comedy movie titled “Smile Please”. After giving out some great poses, the actress was surrounded by lots of reporters asking her various questions.

Answering to first question about the movie’s plot and the impact that it will have on people she said,

“The movie is going to be a fun treat for all the audience as it will give them a time to relax from their everyday frustrations and stresses. I myself live by the rule that whatever life throws at you, live it through with all the best moments. Stress is only going to eat you down.”

One reporter asked her about the return of the IAF pilot Abhinandan back to India to which she replied smiling,

“Well this is really a proud moment for every Indian and I am no different in this regard. When he is come back I am not simply going to smile but this is a moment for me to show my immense happiness.”

Well Zareen Khan is one of the most gorgeous divas in Bollywood right now with a bombastic figure. While many of you might think that this comes as naturally, you can’t be more wrong. Zareen goes through intense training to maintain her sexy figure. She starts out her day with sets of light exercises followed by some yoga.

In the evening she again strengthens her body with some major body trainings.

Do not be fooled by this gorgeous beauty to be a frail chick. She trains daily with her personal trainer to learn the ins and outs of boxing. So watch out those who are thinking to get a little flirty with her.

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