Top 10 most powerful army in the world 2019


Armies held an important position for every country as they are the caretakers of the country’s security. Every year, each of the world’s largest and most powerful countries spends a big part of their national budget to further strengthen their armies.

While it is impossible to gauge out the true power of any country’s army, we can still make use of the more standard approach. We can figure out the power of any country’s power by taking into account the following parameters.

  • number of the arsenal in their possession
  • their advance technologies
  • their training
  • Number of allies
  • Size of their army
  • Budget allocation for army

So for our readers today, we have taken the liberty on our own to present you the list of top 10 most powerful army in the world.


Top 10 most powerful army in the world

Pakistan is an Islamic nation standing prominent on the face of the earth as being the only Islamic country in possession of Nuclear weapons that are no less than those of the world’s top armies.

The country has been tested again and again by its neighboring hostile countries but has maintained its sovereignty even under a tight defense budget of 7 billion dollars. The country has 1 million active-duty soldiers with the reserve of another 200000 who are battle harden and ready to lay down their lives for their country at any given time. With mere 2182 tanks in the army’s possession, the country has still proven to be a tough nut to chew time and time again but its enemies. The air force of Pakistan might be limited with only 321 aircraft; they have proven to themselves as one of the most capable air forces in the world that never put numbers into consideration.

Pakistan army is in possession of nearly 150 nuclear warheads, three times its enemy, India. If that’s not all, Pakistan has developed intercontinental missiles for the payload delivery.

South Korea

Top 10 most powerful army in the world

South Korea share’s its border with its worst nemesis, North Korea who themselves have a strong army at their disposal, fully equipped with a wide array of weapons.

South Korea considering this grave threat along with the threat of attack from China and Japan has increased its army’s annual budget to nearly 34 billion dollars. The country’s army maintains an active 640000 personnel along with 2900000 personnel in reserve army. The country is the 6th largest air force in the world with 1393 aircraft along with 166 small naval ships. As for their land weapons, they hold 15000 of them including rockets systems and 2346 tanks. As for training, they are in routine collaboration with US army.


Top 10 most powerful army in the world

Turkey is called the land of two continents where it shares its border with Asia and Europe. The country although has the beauty of both continents’ cultures, it also faces double threats of its neighboring hostile countries; most threatening, Syria.

In order to be trained for any hostile action from its enemies; the country has increased its defense budget to nearly 20 billion dollars. Talking about their army personnel, they have combined 660000 active duty soldiers and reserve soldiers. Turkey’s air force is comprised of 1000 fighter jets and also claims 16000 land weapons. With strong relations with numerous countries, Turkey’s army takes part in training all across the world.


Top 10 most powerful army in the world

Germany might be one of the strongest economic forces in the world but their army has deteriorated as compared to their past. The main reason is that their generation of the 50s and 60s avoided war due to atrocities of WWII and to this day, not many people join the army.  Still, the army has a budget of nearly 20 billion dollars with active and reverse personnel of 183000 and 145000 respectively. They have a total of 710 military aircraft and as for land, they have 5000 land weapons.


Top 10 most powerful army in the world

France also follows suits of Germany when it comes to war. This is the reason they have made huge cutbacks on their army budget but still, it is nearly 40 billion dollars annually which is the 1.5 percent of the country’s total GDP. France has 220000 active duty personnel along with reserve to make a total of 500000. They are a force to be reckoned with, with their 1000 aircraft and 9000 ground vehicles. The country’s military power is further enhanced by its 290 nuclear weapons that secured its position in the UN and EU.

The United Kingdom

The UK is another member of the European Union who followed suit of France to make cutbacks on their budget. However, still, the country’s budget for the army is over 54 billion dollars annually, with their active-duty soldiers being 205000. Country’s air force is world renowned as RAF with its 908 state-of-the-art aircraft and its navy houses 66 ships.

The country’s main strength as an army comes from their 160 nuclear weapons.


India, one of the two largest counties in the world, in terms of population, has used its large population to strengthen its military. Their current active duty soldiers are over 3.5 million with 1.25 million in reserve. Country’s huge size of soldiers has made it one of the most formidable armies in the world which are only complimented by its 16000 land vehicles that are consistent of 3500 tanks alone. The air force of the country has 1785 aircraft. With a defense budget of 45 billion dollars annually, India has made itself a nuclear power long ago and has nearly 50 nuclear weapons.


China, another big country in terms of population, has a huge army consistent of 2.285 million soldiers with 2.3 million soldiers in reserve. With a defense budget of 126 billion dollars, China has not only made itself a nuclear nation but also has a wide array of land weapons that are comprised of 25000 vehicles along with 2800 aircraft.

China currently holds 300 nuclear weapons with myriad ways of deploying them to hit their targeted enemies at a push of a button and movement of lips.

China is one of the 3 major armies in the world.


While Russia’s 76.6 billion annual army’s budget is less than Chain, it still has not caused the country to drop behind in its power. In fact, since Vladimir Putin took hold of Russia, its army has seen an increase in its might with 766000 active duty soldiers and another 2.5 million soldiers in reserve. The main force of the country is backed by its 15500 tanks which gives Russia the title of the army with most tanks in the world.

However, the main power of the country is its nuclear power as it holds a massive 8500 active nuclear weapons, most of which are targeted towards America.

The United States

The Defense budget of 612.5 billion dollars annually which by the way is more than the combined budget of the past 9 armies alone is enough to tell how formidable and powerful United States’ army is. Their well-trained soldiers are numbered at 1.4 million personnel with another 800000 in reserve. The country is the largest aircraft and land arsenal manufacturer in the world, which is enough to say how large their land, air, and naval arsenals might be.

With further new technologies in both defense and offense, the country is a force to be reckoned with. If any country still puts airs in front of US, think twice as they have 7500 nuclear warheads with a wide array of systems to launch them across any part of the world.


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