Most Handsome Men In The World 2019


When there is a talk about beauty standards, gender plays an important role. Normally the world is very biased about beauty as it is usually synonymous with females. People usually only talk about all the pretty and gorgeous beautiful females. It is quite rare that you will hear anybody praising about a handsome man.

The worst part of all this is that even men do not talk about each other’s handsomeness and always direct their attention towards the female they adore. What we want to stress here is that men should not take lightly of themselves; once in a while try to appreciate yourself as well. It is even in Holy Scriptures that a person should love others like they love themselves.

With this being said, we present to our readers a list of the most handsome men in the world.

Prince William

We just can’t put our finger on it, but there is still something very peculiar about Prince Williams. We think that this might be the effect of the fairy tales that we have heard since our childhood as to how handsome princes are.

The birth name of Prince William is Artur William Philip Louis. Prince William is the progeny of his mother Princess Dianna and his father Prince Charles. He was born back on 21st June 1982 in the land of kings; the United Kingdom. The man is a dashing human with height reaching up to 1.91 meters and is only complemented by his highly spirited personality and handsome looks.  All of these contributed to making him one of the most handsome men in the world.

It is said that when Prince William joined his college; the college itself saw a hike in the enrollment of its female students.

Brad Pitt

No list about handsome men in the word is complete without the name of Brad Pitt. The famed actor made his debut in the acting industry with film Dallas.

Considering that he was born back in 1963 and still happens to be one of the handsome men around the world tells a person a lot as to how hard he works to maintain his looks. His handsomeness is only enhanced to multitudes with his charming smile and those deep eyes that can make anyone sink in them.

Noah Mills

For those who are fans of Noah Mills, it is regardless of us to say as to how handsome this Canadian national is. The actor being born back on 23rd April 1983 is regarded as one of the stylish and chic actors in today’s Hollywood industry.

His handsome looks have not made him a cocky person, on the contrary, he happens to be a humble person that greets everyone with his loving smile and makes everyone feel comfortable with his charming attitude. If you happen to bump into Noah Mills, you might drown in those hazel colored eyes of his and you will know as to why he is one of the handsome men in the world.

Salman Khan

When it comes to the list of handsome men from Asia, almost any list will have the name Salman Khan; the Indian actor slash producer. His acting skills are only second to his immensely handsome looks making him one of the top 3 handsome men in India. The actor was born back in 1963 and since then has starred in myriad movies of different ideas and rarely any of them has ever flopped.

People often Google his age and they are surprised by how he looks and how old he really is. One of the most prominent features about Salman Kahn’s personality is his charming smile with which he greets everyone. All of this handsomeness and charm is only greatly complimented by his well mainlined muscular physique. All of these features are the reason that the majority of Salman Kahn’s fan base is female.

Godfrey Gao

Taiwan is a country that has lesser attention when compared to the rest of the world for its beautiful people. However, that does not mean that the country does not have its own handsome men. One name that shines brilliantly in Taiwan is Godfrey Gao who has been the most handsome man of Taiwan for many years straight.

The man born back on 22nd September 1984 has starred in various TV shows as well as movies.  His immensely great looks and his modeling style is also one of the reasons for the success of brands like Louis Vuitton.

Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar is the national of Iraq and was born back on 23rd September 1989 in the city of Baghdad. The reason for him being put on the list can be evident from the coming story about him. Once Omar was forcefully sent away from the country of Saudi Arabia. The speculation of him being sent away was that he was beyond handsome and an attractive man that could have caused a great stir in the female population.

Back in 2013, right after the incident, Omar went on to become one of the most Googled people on the internet. Well all the rumors about him are true as he can mesmerize any girl with his ancient Arabic prince like looks and those sharp eyes that are like that of an eagle. To make matters worse for women across the globe, this man also happens to be a POET. Talk about putting oil on a fire.

Justin Trudeau

The most handsome Prime Minister of Canada in its entire history award goes to none other than the reigning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose real name is Justin James Trudeau. With his handsome looks, he is the only man on our list who is not an actor, poet or a model but an unexpected addition; a politician.

The reason that he has been adored by asses around the globe, which mostly includes women, is not only his handsome looks but also due to his efforts to help the vulnerable humans of society.

Tom Cruise

Like many before, no list is completed without including the name of the famed Hollywood actor Tom Cruise aka MI Agent “Ethan Hunt”. He is by far the oldest person on our list today as he was born back on 3rd July 1962 but still manages to be on the top of our list. This tells a lot about his handsome looks that have only matured like a good wine with the time passing.

Not only is he a handsome man but also an equally or even more great of an actor who has to his name 3 Golden Globe Awards, not to mention he also happens to be on the list of richest actors across the world as well.


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