Top 10 Highest Paid Singers In Bollywood 2019


In our eyes, there is no one luckier enough than the person who has made his or her passion into a successful passion for themselves. Most people would take a long time while thinking of making singing as their full time profession, they are equally envious of the great amount of money that all the top rated singers in the world make.

We all know that the Bollywood movies are not complete without a song, actually 4 or 5 songs and we also love to listen to them. Every Bollywood movies’ fan has his own list of favorite song and a favorite singer or two.

Today for or readers we have created a list of the top highest paid singers in Bollywood.


Shan Net Worth 2019 : $21 Million

For those film directors who want to add a romantic song to their movies, Shaan is the number one choice for a singer. Any person, no matter how ice cold their heart is, it will melt after listening his romantic song like “Chand Sifarish” from movie ‘Fanna”.

Shaan charges about 400000 dollars for a single song.

Krishna Kumar Kunnath aka KK

Krishna Kumar Kunnath aka KK

Krishna Kumar Kunnath or most commonly known as simply KK is the singer when the film directors are looking for a singer with a unique voice. One of the all time top song from KK is the “Khuda Jane”.

As for being paid, KK charges about 300000 dollars for a single song.

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan is the name of a singer who has the most unique voice in the Bollywood. Whether it is for a soft romantic song or a hard rock song; Mohit delivers well for all situations. He is one of the busiest artists in Indi to book for a show. Well after his amazing song “Sada Haq” for movie “Rockstar” he is deserving to be a well known and busy artist to hire.

These days, Mohit Chauhan charges as far as 40000 dollars for a single song.

Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam

When it comes to technical songs, Sonu Nigam is the singer who is regarded as the dictionary of such songs. While he might disappear from time to time from limelight, but BAM! He comes back with a soulful song like “Abhi Mujhmen Kahin” from movie “Agneepath”.

These days, Sonu Nigam charges about 600000 dollars for a single song.

Shreya Ghoshal

 Shreya Ghoshal

When it comes to Shreya Ghoshal, it has hard as to what a person should praise her for; her immensely gorgeous looks or her sweeter than honey voice. The girl who started from reality TV show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” is now one of the best names in the male dominated singing industry of India.

For any female singing song, Shreya Ghoshal is the most optimum choice. Nowadays she charges about anywhere in between 600000 to 700000 dollars for a single song.

Atif Aslam 

Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam net worth 2019: $22 Million

Atif Aslam might be from the India’s greatest enemy country Pakistan; but he has won the heart of billions of Indians with his soulful voice which is no little feat. Atif; a star and a Rockstar, started out with a songs like “Adat and Kuch Is Trhan” and now he is one of the highest paid singers in both Indi and Pakistan.

These days, Atif Aslam demands nearly 800000 dollars for a single song.

Sunidhi Chauhan

The Melody Queen of the Tinsel Town; Sunidhi Chauhan is amongst the few top rated female singer in Bollywood these days. Versatility in her songs is the best part of her talents which makes her the no 1 in the list of Bollywood’s female singers.

She demands a well deserved amount of 900000 dollars for a single song.

Mika Singh

No other singer in Bollywood has the ability to energize the audience with his songs as Mika Singh does. Keeping his distance from the orthodox singing ways, Mika has introduced to the emerging artists a way on how to sing best. The man is a hit song maker with every song making it to the top of Bollywood’s music industry.

These days, this Punjabi Rockstar demands 1.1 million dollars for a song in any Bollywood film.

Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is the name that is not only popular in India but all across the world due to his melodious and soulful voice. The man has given voice to numerous hit songs and it is hard to believe that he started his journey from a reality show and then a playback singer.

His biggest hit was his tracks from the movie “Aashiquie 2”.

With great fame he now demands huge amount of money; as much as 1.3 million dollars for a single song.

Honey Singh

 Honey Singh has changed the art of singing in the India and Bollywood altogether. He displayed the talent with a funky style which was not present before him. The man coming from a small town is now rocking literally the hearts of billons of people across the globe with his local rap songs. Whenever a person hears his songs like “Lungi dance and Angrezi Beat Plays” they can’t help themselves from shaking their bodies.

These days, Honey Singh demands as much as 1.8 million dollars for a single song.


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