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What Are the Four Stages of Mesothelioma And What Are Pleural Mesothelioma Stages?

What Are Pleural Mesothelioma Stages?

Mesothelioma is a very hard type of cancer which attacks on the inner side of the epithelial tissues called the mesothelium, this layer gets covered with a cancerous membrane of extra tissue mass and several medical complications become imminent proving that the body is under attack of a deadly cancer. This ailment is further divided into pleural mesothelioma stages.

This disease is onset by a number of foreign factors. The major culprits in this disease are the contaminated asbestos or mercury particles. These particles can attack the inner bronchitis of lungs and can trigger a variety of symptoms. Symptoms of pleural mesothelioma stages may differ. However, the rudimentary symptoms include severe pain in the entire body, lock jaw, coughing and acute bronchitis. However, several other symptoms may be found along with these. The patient usually dies within a month of severe contamination.

Asbestos is deemed as a major contaminator and is banned throughout many countries. Several lawsuits have campaigns and petitions signed to avoid the release of this harmful chemical in the air. Mercury and other elements may also trigger this dreadful cancer. The only treatment is either through Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy. Which However, is not that efficient.

The life of the patient remains in grave danger throughout the treatment process and the patient may expire due to several issues like further contamination, lack of importance from doctors or substandard medical treatment. The cancer divides into several pleural mesothelioma stages and may hamper further treatment.

To this day, no proper cure of this malignant cancer has been found and henceforth is incurable and cannot be treated the way other diseases can be treated. However, one can lessen the harmful effects of this disease and can help lower the occasion of symptoms and can improve prognosis by induction of several normal cancer treatment techniques. The survival rate is no doubt, low and a lack of security prevails throughout the treatment. Several techniques may become useless after pleural mesothelioma stages.

The signs and symptoms of the pleural mesothelioma stages may be clear and is dependent on the place of attack, In peritoneal Mesothelioma, the patient suffers from coughing pain, weight loss, painful cough and heavy breathing, in Serratus Mesothelioma, the patient may suffer from rudimentary chest pains and several kinds of chest disorders including a fast heart beat and abdominal swelling.

Pericardia or Mesothelioma in Tunica Vaginalis, may cause a pain in the heart of the lump of excessive tissue in the pericardium, and a mass or an unnecessary piece of tissue may be seen, Respectively.

All types of mesothelioma are fatal and mostly incurable. The cancer is divided into 4 stages to detect the advent of the disease throughout the body. First stage marks the initial attack and can be prevented within a close time period. The second stage is marked for the spread through the major portions of the body. Third stage is the period where treatment usually becomes ineffective and death is imminent. The stage four is defined as the most perilous stage of cancer and it is very rare to escape this stage. The cancer spreads to the lymph nodes and other portions of the body and cause variety of symptoms ultimately leading to the expiry of the victim.



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